Ordering Large Quantity Custom Packaging

Are you a business who are interested in transferring to custom boxes? And you have got the design, color, plan all of them done. Well, that is it, it’s over, right? Well, not quite. You still have a lot before you sit on your chair and rest. And on of that thing you need to consider is the part when you order it. And since you are a big business, you will be ordering large quantity custom packaging boxes. And that will cost you a lot of money. So that’s why you need to think about this not twice but a lot more times before you begin.

Go to a supplier that has no maximum orders

A lot of the package suppliers will tell you that they have a maximum of 1000 boxes per week, well that won’t work for you if you are a big business, if you are making 5000 sales per week you can’t wait for the packages to come it would just be disappointed for you and your customers. So just try to search for a packaging supplier that has no minimum or maximum orders. That will help you a lot in the future.

Delivering on time

Since you are ordering large quantity custom packaging boxes, the most important thing after the quality is that they get on time. So, for example, if you need 20,000 packaging boxes by Monday 5 PM, you should get them at that exact time. If they don’t agree on this or they tell you they might be a few hours late, just go away from there and find a better supplier. Suppliers like https://refinepackaging.com/ have certain guarantees for delivery times. A supplier that will be correct on time and won’t do any fancy thing.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t try to go for low prices when ordering large because most of the time you will get terrible packaging and if you are a bigger business that thing will disappoint your customers and will leave a bad feeling to them. So try to get some discounts but ask for the quality and see it for your self.

Take a look at the contract

And finally, the most important thing of all is to pay attention to the contract you are signing. A lot of the time, they will try to trick you so they can profit out of you. And you won’t see it, which will result in a significant failure in the future. A lot of the times, they will try to add some time deal like; for example, they will add something that you agreed on using their packaging service for one year. Which you didn’t agree, but you also didn’t read it. And if you want to cancel you would have to pay them money.