The Top 4 Benefits & Advantages To Having An Anti-spam App Running On your Computer

In today’s modern technological world, most of us spending a lot of our day surfing the internet on our many devices. If you are not surfing on your phone, then you are on your laptop or desktop and every time that we log on to the internet, we are bombarded my messages and emails that we never asked for in the first place. We have gotten so used to accepting the terms and conditions of websites that we visit, that we no longer read the details and we just click ‘yes’ when prompted to do so.

Spam or spamming is a reference to unsolicited messages and emails that come into out in boxes without invitation and a lot of them are advertisements encouraging us to buy a product or service. Anti-spam on the other hand, like Mailcleaner, is there to help and it blocks spam from even getting onto your system in the first place. Life on the internet would be impossible without these software filters, because they provide so many advantages and benefits to us.

  1. As mentioned, they are great for blocking spam and not only do they block specific email addresses, but they also look out for specific lines and specific texts in emails that can be used to identify the whole email as spam. It can be personally customised by you to block messages from specific email addresses, and so you don’t have to deal with this nonsense anymore.
  1. Your spam filter keeps all these emails that it deems to be unwanted in what is called the ‘quarantine’ area and they are kept there for around 30 days. This way, you can have a look through them and pick out the ones that you know not to be spam or things that you want to read. The rest is discarded forever.
  1. There are always new types of malware threats every time you go on the internet and new ones pop up every day to replace the ones that your spam filter has already identified. Therefore, your filter needs to receive regular updates about these new types of malware, so that it is better able to spot them and quarantine them. Most filters have automatic updates installed in them.
  1. However, you don’t want important emails being moved to quarantine just because they might have words or specific lines that identify them as so. They might be totally innocent messages from friends and colleagues that you don’t want to miss. Thankfully, you can set up your own ‘whitelist’ that allows you to have a list of emails that you will accept messages from.

Technology changes every day and the internet changes every day alongside it. There are many, many different types of malware popping up on the web every single minute of every single day and you need protection from all that. If we didn’t have filters to block a lot of this, it would make surfing the internet a laborious and irritating thing to do. Antispam like Mailcleaner make life so much easier for everyone.