How to convert PDF to Word for Free using an online converter

Before you start the conversion process to convert a PDF file into a word document, you need to understand that there are usually two types of PDF files, that is, the scanned version and the text version. Of the two versions, the text version of PDF is the easier one to convert to a word document format. On the other hand, in order to convert scanned versions of PDF, you will need to use OCR technology. If you don’t use OCR technology, the various elements contained in a scanned PDF won’t be recognizable or even extracted to a word file.

As such, you will need to start by identifying the type of PDF you are dealing with before you proceed with the extraction process. Here is the process of converting a PDF file to an MS word document.

Start by uploading your file to the online converter

One of the easiest ways to convert a PDF document to a word file is to use a free online converter. The advantage of this process is that you don’t have to pay even a dime to get the job done. There are several options for you to pick from so you get to pick whichever PDF to word converter you want. After you have identified the online converter you want to use, you will have to upload the document you intend to convert to the website. Usually, the website will give you the option to upload multiple files at the same time. The files will be arranged on the website in the same order they were uploaded. If you are using a good online converter, then you will be able to rearrange your PDF files after you upload them.

There may be a specified maximum number of PDF documents you can upload to the site at a time and when you reach the number, the website will let you know.

Start the conversion process

After you upload your PDF file and the upload process has completed, you will be prompted to start the conversion process. You can do this easily by pressing the “convert” button available to you on the website. This will trigger the conversion process to start. Depending on the size of the PDF file, this process can take a few seconds or several minutes, so you will need to be patient. Usually, there is no further action required on your part once the conversion process has started.

You will need to have a stable internet connection in order for the conversion process to complete. If your conversion takes too long than it should, you should consider checking your Internet connection

Now download your converted word document

When the conversion process finally finishes, you will be presented with your word document, which you can download to your computer. You should click on the “download file” button so that your word file is downloaded to your computer. By default, the document will be downloaded to the “downloads” folder on your computer unless you have changed the destination location for downloaded files on your computer.