Effective SEO Techniques to Try in 2019

SEO techniques are rapidly changing, and missing out on these changes can impact your business big time. Some proven tricks which worked two years ago may be obsolete now, or worse, banned. That is why, for all online businesses today, SEO is an essential aspect of marketing.

Experts in the field of SEO marketing cannot stress any further the importance of scaling up efforts to drive organic web traffic. It is your primary goal to reach a high ranking on search engines like Google. Top ranking means visibility and more visits to your website. What are these effective techniques you need to use in scaling up your SEO efforts this year?

Improving user experience across the entire website

Google’s main job is to show the most relevant results to a user’s query. They are very efficient and consistently improve their methods. As such, you also need to keep up with the new trends in website optimization. A Local SEO Miami firm can help you improve overall user experience on your website through the following techniques.

  • Post readable articles. The more people are reading your posts, the higher your website’s ranking. You need to format shorter paragraphs while at the same time, making sure that each section has a single thought. Sentence length should also be mixed. Use long sentences sparingly. Each content needs to be high-quality and engaging.
  • Use the “inverted pyramid” writing style. This technique involves putting all the essential details at the beginning of the article. As the article progresses, less critical information is placed at the bottom.
  • Analyze what can be improved in the current page design. There are many tools you can use to analyze what needs improvement in your website design. For example, a heat map can show where in your website the users spend the most time.
  • Increase site speed. It makes sense that site speed is essential in marketing. Web speed performance helps improve conversion ratings. Google provides several tools you can use to increase site speed.

The improved user experience should apply to every page of your website.

Optimize for voice search

The popularity of voice search is increasing. It is estimated that by next year, around 50% of online searches will be voice-assisted. These voice-assisted devices are making the task of finding information much easier. The best way to approach this trend is by optimizing your website to answer voice queries.

Write articles based on topics not keywords

As Google’s algorithm evolves, it is now capable of anticipating what the user needs. If articles are published merely for keywords, it will not suffice in increasing your website’s ranking. Content should support the keyword by catering to what the user needs. Therefore, the main focus is on identifying your target audience and writing SEO content based on what they want.

Develop video content

Video content is becoming a top trend in SEO and will continue to be for years to come. Videos need to be optimized for SEO and work with existing algorithms. One technique is by adding video descriptions to entice viewers. A short blog post on the content is more effective than throwing a few keywords around.

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