Important Tips on Moving to a New Office

Moving to a new office involves time and effort. You want it to be as quick and smooth as possible so as not to affect your regular business operation much. If you are planning to move to a new space, here are some tips on how to do it.

Plan ahead

Planning must be done months ahead of the actual move to make it as hassle-free as possible. Determine the best strategy to get as little downtime as possible. Get the floor plan of the new office to decide where to put everything. Make it available for your employees too so they can also plan on what to do with their new space.

Start packing early

Pack things that are not commonly used in your day to day operation early. Make sure to label the boxes to know their contents and make it easier to find them if you might need them. The last ones to go should be those used in your daily operation.

Appoint a move supervisor

Things will be more organized if there is one person who acts as the point of contact for everything that is move related. It will also be easier for you as you don’t have to speak with every employee about the process. You can conveniently talk to the move supervisor, and they will then relay it to your staff, as well as oversee everything. With this, you can focus on other more important matters.

Determine which things must go

It’s also the best time to see what items you no longer need, and which require replacement. Dispose of old files, equipment, furniture and all other things that you don’t want to take with you to your new office. Hire a garbage removal service to make it more convenient. If your office is located around the West Palm Beach area, get professional and trusted junk removal in West Palm Beach.

Prepare the new office

Once you determine which things should go from your old office, you can easily determine what you will need for your new office. If there are things that you need to purchase for the new space like furniture or equipment, buy them in advance, so they are readily available when you move. It will also be another task off your list.

Hire a moving company

You will need the help of a moving company to transport your office equipment to the new place. Once you determine the exact schedule of your move, book the service of a moving company in advance to ensure that they are available on that specific date.

Clear the schedule

Instruct employees to clear any meetings or other tasks that can be cleared during the move. Let the clients know in advance too so that they will understand if they do not receive communication from you or it may take time to get back to them.

Don’t forget to change your business address and contact information on all your subscriptions. Let business partners, customers, and suppliers know about the move and your new details too so they will know where to contact you.