Awesome Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

Marketing your business can be a difficult task in the world of today’s digital age. Having to decipher between utilizing traditional or more modern methods of marketing can make it even harder. The truth is that both old school and new-age tactics for marketing all have their place, and it’s about properly using them to their fullest potential. Here’s some powerful marketing tactics that will take your brand to the next level in today’s world of business.

Search Engine Marketing

Your website can be the biggest source of traffic for your business online. Optimizing your website to rank on search engines like Google for key phrases that your customers are going to type in can mean more customers and more money.

The most important part is knowing what your consumers will be typing in to find your kind of business. If you are an ice cream parlor in San Francisco, having your website on the first page of Google for phrases like “ice cream parlor San Francisco” or “ice cream shop in San Fran” can bring you plenty new customers.

Optimizing your website with SEO should be your next go-to way of marketing your business. It all starts with creating more content, building your back links, and consistently updating your site making sure it’s up to date with Google’s latest algorithm update.

Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing via direct mail seems like a strategy that’s a thing of the past, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Direct mail marketing is incredibly powerful even in today’s age.

A common theme on why it’s not a dead strategy is because young consumers don’t associate direct mail as junk mail the same way that previous generations did when it was more commonplace. A recent study even found that direct mail can generate five times more purchases than regular emails.

The only thing to remember is that marketing via direct mail is not exactly cheap. There are ways, however, to make it more affordable by utilizing postcards as opposed to full-on catalogues or booklets. The key to making direct mail work for you is to make sure your mailings are hyper-targeted.

If you’re trying to target the younger millennial crowd, be sure to use eye-catching photography, brief text, and to think of the piece as physical Instagram-level posts. Be sure to provide your readers with worthwhile offers they can’t find anywhere else. Hearing about the latest discount in an email is something they’ve received a thousand times the day before, but provide them with a glossy postcard and an incredible offer, you just may have garnered a new client.

Connect With Your Readers Through Email Marketing

You have probably seen the countless emails you have received from companies over the years. You sign up with that discount and weeks later you’ve received countless emails about their latest offers. While this strategy works, it’s vital that if you do get into email marketing that you properly know how to utilize this powerful marketing tactic.

Email marketing is powerful because it’s so inexpensive. The low-cost and minimal upfront investment makes it easy for a business of any level to do this. 91 percent of consumers check their email on a daily basis on their phones. If done correctly, email is the best way to build rapport and create a relationship with your customers.

The key to being effective with this form of marketing is to focus more so on building a relationship as opposed to making that first initial buck. Instead of providing them with offer after offer, try to provide resources, information, and fun opportunities. Go above and beyond for the people on your list by offering them exclusive offers that nobody else can get.

Don’t be like other brands who send out emails every single day. Doing so is excessive and builds a sense of resentment. The sweet spot is somewhere between two times a week with one of them being educational while the other is where you can promote an offer.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital age, there is no doubt that social media is the place to be to be noticed by your potential customers. YouTube has nearly taken the top spot for being a search engine right behind Google.

Facebook has billions of users. TikTok has taken over the short-form video content industry with millions upon millions across the globe diving in to their trends during the peak of the pandemic. There are several social networks that truly benefit businesses specifically.

YouTube utilizes advertising before majority of videos. If your business is ready for that kind of investment, you can start video advertising with their program. If your brand wants to reach a global market, YouTube can be the place to do that. Even if you don’t use their paid advertising market, you can still create videos and provide helpful content for your niche target and build a following.

Instagram is another big option for businesses. With their new “shopping” feature on everyone’s homepage, they have made it easier for those with eCommerce businesses to thrive on their platform. With billions of users, you want to be on Instagram because of how it is designed primarily to build brands.

Creating giveaways where your users have to post about your offer on their Instagram story, you are generating new leads and being seen by more people every day with this strategy. Through the power of their newest feature “Reels”, you can create viral videos to target your market and reach thousands of viewers in days.

Marketing in the world of this new age makes it easier to reach new audiences, but it can also be difficult because of how competitive it can be. The key is to grow your business on all the social media platforms you can, create powerful email marketing campaigns, utilizing direct mail, and build a website that can be found by a variety of your potential customers on Google.