The Need for Home and Contents Insurance

Benefits of the Right Cover for your Home

You probably put a lot of effort in finding the right home and then saving up for it. To secure your home you must purchase a home insurance. Home insurance is protection for your home which helps to cover the cost of unexpected damage to your house.

Contents insurance covers things inside your home, so it protects your belongings against problems like natural disasters, theft or vandalism. These two insurances can be bundled together and bought as Home and Contents Insurance.

Things like thefts, fires, floods and storms can affect anyone’s home at any time. If this happens to you, your Home and Contents Insurance will cover the cost of replacing or rebuilding.

Does your Insurance Include Fire protection?

If you want to cover your home and its contents from loss caused by fire, then you will have to select your home insurance accordingly. Depending on the policy and level of cover chosen by you, home insurance may include demolition and removal of debris along with the repair or rebuilding cost. Some policies even cover the temporary accommodation you may need if your home becomes unlivable.

If you want cover for your belongings such as furniture, appliances, clothes and more from loss from fire, you will have to consider contents insurance. A contents insurance that covers fire damage will pay for repair or replacement of your belongings, removal of debris, moving or storage of undamaged possessions, depending on the cover you choose.

If you are looking to cover both home and contents from fire damage you will have to look for a combined home and contents insurance. Most companies will consider the location of your home while calculating the premium. If you live in a bushfire prone area, you could still get fire cover under home and contents insurance; however the premium may be a little higher as yours will be a high-risk area. The higher the risk, the higher is the premium and the lower the risk, the lower is the premium. Also, if your home is made out of flammable materials, it will usually cost a higher premium. The age of your home is also important, as older buildings are more at risk.

Select the Right policy at the Right Price

Home insurance can be confusing, especially if you are buying a policy for the first time. Although different types of policies are suitable to different people under different circumstances, there are some features that almost all policies have.

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