Steps In Conducting A Sexual Harassment Investigation 

Sexual Harassment is an issue that is happening worldwide. Prompt actions must be taken against those who ask for any sexual favors or any other sexual advances in the workplace. Employers must make it clear by regulating policies that such behaviors will not be tolerated. Investigation in case of sexual harassment ensures that the accuser and accused are both treated somewhat based on the evidence provided. 

In Knoxville, Tennessee, the company or the workplace must remain compliant with both state and federal laws. Investigations are needed to have a more comprehensive understanding of the incident and then accordingly take action against the wrongful act if necessary. You can check out the website to learn more

Let us look at the various steps involved in the investigation of sexual harassment: 

  • Beginning with the investigation while keeping THRA in mind.

It is essential that the employer pay close attention to the incident and not overlook it by any means. Moreover, while responding to the issue, the employer must keep in mind that there is a stipulated time limit for addressing such issues, which comes under the Tennessee Human Rights Act (THRA). Taking action immediately against such behaviors shows the sincerity of the employer in the workplace. It builds trust and fosters a healthy relationship between the employer and the employees. 

  • Proceeding the investigation further by collecting information about the incident. 

The investigation must proceed by examining the situation. Determine the accuser, know about the accused, and look for any witnesses who can support the claim or provide any other valuable insight. The context is very much crucial for the investigation to proceed further. 

  • For the investigation, you must select someone who can provide a neutral view.

It is essential that the investigation is done by someone who will remain impartial throughout the process. There should not be any scope for business. You can either select someone outside the company or hire a legal expert. HR can also do the job if you are going for someone on the inside. 

  • Interview and take the proper steps after it 

Run a comprehensive interview of all the people involved, the accuser, accused, and any witnesses. Everything should be done while ensuring Confidentiality. The reputation of the people involved must not be compromised by any means until the conclusion is reached. Subsequent actions must be taken by strictly following the policies and making the accuser pay for their actions if they are at fault. 

Hire a professional lawyer to support your case!

A lawyer is thorough with federal and state laws. Moreover, they can help in collecting evidence and support your case.