Simplest ways to improve your rankings in Google

Content plays an important role in improving SEO services in Australia. If your content is updated and rich with the quality, you will be able to engage your audience into it. An interactive and user-friendly content often arose the interest which in turn increase the dwelling time per visitors – improving SEO ranking in Google. Therefore make your content more informative and less promotional. Also, if you want to rank at the top, write content between 2000 to 2500 words for better recognition. For more tips, you can contact impressive for better SEO services in Australia.

Check out the loading time of page and its effectiveness

Various SEO tools like Bing give utmost importance to their loading time of the page or website link. They considered it imperative while assigning rank to your website. On the other side, if the loading time is high, then the visitors will not stay to get it loaded. Instead, they will close down the page and shift to the other. This will in turn harm the rank in SEO because automatically the bounce rate will increase.

You can opt for various techniques in order to speedily load your website. Like, using high resolution and quality image will support you in page loading. Further, plug-ins, optimization of graphics and limited usage of redirect will reduce page loading time at par. You can check out at impressive for reducing page loading time.

Involvement of picture format and fonts

Images and Videos on homepage often attract the visitors. But the time duration of videos should be kept small – right within seconds. Quality graphics should never be compromised. Also, check out that the fonts are readable and clear and are not supported by embossed font size. The colour combination should be pleasant to eyes and not gloomy. All these factors instigate the readers to get involved with the content. Do not forget to add correct alt tag, description, and file name of the image.

Right usage of Header tags behind the content

Improving the experience of the users will in turn attract potential customers at large. Therefore use header tags in content. Divide the content into different tags for improving the readability status. You can check out your content readability status in WordPress that reflects red, green and orange scale. These colours disclose the relevance of the content in SEO ranking. Side by side, use the right set of keywords in Header tag to reach out the targeted audience.

Effective employment of outbound links

Use more of outbound links into the content to keep visitors engaged with information. Link building is one of the crucial techniques to create a loop of information for visitors and increase their dwell time on your website or on any particular page. But make sure that the links are limitedly use and not bombarded in every section.

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