Rock Salt and Ice Melt: Which is the Right Process to Follow?

With winter comes the inevitable battles with ice and snow on driveways, pathways, and sidewalks that can be hazardous if not correctly handled. There are quite a few ways to keep these surfaces safe, but the most popular methods involve using either rock salt or ice melt. The question however is; which is the better option between the two? Let’s delve deep into this. If you are wondering where to get Bagged Rock Salt, please visit the link.

Rock Salt Vs Ice Melt: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, rock salt and ice melt might seem to serve the same purpose. They do indeed both combat ice, but they achieve this in very different ways and have different impacts on the environment and the surfaces they’re applied to.

Rock Salt

Also known as Halite, rock salt is an inexpensive and commonly used method for melting ice. It works by lowering the freezing temperature of water, ensuring it remains in a liquid state even in frigid conditions.

Pros and Cons of Rock Salt

  • It’s cheap and easy to find.
  • It can effectively melt ice down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It can be harmful to plants and grass, and over time can cause damage to concrete surfaces.
  • It’s harmful to pets.

Ice Melt

Ice melt is a broad term that encompasses various chemical compounds such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride.

Pros and Cons of Ice Melt

  • Effective at lower temperatures than rock salt.
  • It’s safer for pets if specifically labeled pet-safe.


  • It’s more expensive than rock salt.
  • Can also cause damage to concrete surfaces over time.

The Final Verdict

While both rock salt and ice melt can help in the fight against icy conditions, the “best” option depends heavily on your specific needs. Are you more concerned with the cost? If so, rock salt is your friend. Is environmental impact or pet health a top concern? Then perhaps a pet-friendly ice melt is a better choice. In the end, understanding each option helps ensure you follow the right process to keep your walkways safe this winter.

Rock Salt Vs. Ice Melt

  • Cost-friendly: Rock salt Yes. Ice melt No.
  • Works Below 20°F: Rick salt No. Ice melt Yes.
  • Pet safe: Rock salt No. Ice melt Yes for specific brands.
  • Eco-friendly: Rock salt No. Rock salt Yes.

Nobody can tell you which method is better for your unique situation, but at least now, with this information in hand, you can make an informed decision.

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