How to start and run a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

SMSF setup requires strict compliance with government regulations, so to make sure you do it right, consult specialists on iCare Super.

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Step 1. Professional advice

Hire a professional advisor who provides advice on the complex issues such as fund type, risk minimization, and fulfils important aspects such as statutory and legality requirement of set up.

Step 2. Creating trust and complete the paperwork.

Forming the trust deed is the foremost requirement for establishing SMSF. A trust deed is pre-defined rules and regulations for carrying out fund activities. A trust deed must cover certain aspects such as the name of the trust, its objectives, number of members, and rule & regulation for appointment and removal of trustees. Along with this, the trust deed also mentions fund composition structure, beneficiaries, the appointment of professional consultants, and underline circumstances for winding up.

Step 3. Trustee structure selection and appointing trustees.

 Once you have chosen the trustee type and what type of your fund should be, then you have to assign them. New SMSF funds generally appoint trustees as per the trust deed of the fund.All the members of this SMSF fund are also trustees.

Your trust may be an individual trust or you may choose to set up a corporate trust. Individual trust refers to each member as a Fund trustee. Corporate trust refers to a company set up which will be acting as a trustee and all members denote directors of the said corporate.

Step 4. Setting up a tax file number (TFN) and an Australia Business Number (ABN)

ATO is required to contact for applying TFN, which may take a month to receive, and simultaneously ABN is also required to be applied.

Step 5. Registration of the fund

After the legal establishment of SMSF, all trustees need to do important thing which is,signing process. And for that one must registerthe SMSF fund with the ATO.

If you are going register your fund, then keep in mind that you need to regulate it to receive tax rebate. And for that elect your fund in 60 days of setup.

Step 6. Setting up a fund’s bank account

When TFN and ABN receive, you need to set up a bank account of SMSF Fund.

Step 7 Investment Strategy

Planning and following a proper investment strategy is very important and you can ask for assistance from a licensed SMSF finance professional planner on proper documentation.

Cash, Shares, and Property are the top three investment categories for SMSF trustees.

Step 8. Investment Rollover

 Assets should be invested in the best possible options and current superannuation funds be rollover to take place on a timely basis.

Step 9. Statutory Compliance

Statutory compliance rules to be followed by law along with complying legislative audit, administration requirements, and membership reporting

Enrolling an expert professional for guidance on the complexities of fund structure can help you to manage trust funds in a better way which ultimately led you to live happy retirement life. In case of any professional help for SMSF setup, you can contact iCare Super for assistance.