5 Great Reasons to Allow Quality Software to Solve All Freight Management Issues

Many companies produce fantastic goods for their customers, often of the highest standards and represent tremendous value. Everything goes right until it comes to the time for the freight to be dispatched. All too often it ends in profits being eaten away by paying too much for the delivery or those deciding to remain in-house getting it horribly wrong by not investing in the best equipment or employees.

Freight management is something that must be taken seriously so that clients are not let down, and so that those losses can be turned around and the bottom line looks healthy. A guaranteed way to achieve this is by investing in quality advanced carrier integration for the following 5 great reasons.

  1. Instead of all the time it takes to surf the web or check out listings to find the best carriers at the best possible price, the software does the job and then books their service while allowing for whatever is required prior to getting on with the task of generating the consignments, making the job stress free and allowing for those who would be spending valuable time on it to do something more valuable.
  2. Immediately, the tool allows for complete tracking, so that clients can be kept up to date reliably using a common language across all carriers without the need for any guesswork or blind faith. This allows for improved customer service and complete trust, which can lead to bigger orders, meaning even more profit. Best of all, the tracking can be done on a mobile device so there is no need to stay by a desk, allowing a business to streamline.
  3. Sometimes carriers can overcharge for their services, and it is easy to miss the discrepancy. Obviously, it’s a mistake nobody wants, especially when it starts to eat away at small margins, so employing the services of software that can prevent it is obviously a huge bonus. The automatic invoice reconciliation feature and carrier credit request workflow solve the issue and again solve further time on phone calls and the stress of wondering whether the cash will be recouped.
  4. The seamless freight management experience is aided by the built-in API tool which allows all previous systems to be integrated. Nothing will be missed in the future as monies will be maximized and time accrued.
  5. Being able to do the same as many Australian big hitters and purchase the software from a team that has developed and operates it from Melbourne also helps a fellow business and assists the economy. It allows workflows to be automated and consistent. Being totally independent means that many partnerships with carriers have been integrated and ensures that all the best rates are available to pass to save hassle for the user as they monitor all progress remotely.

Instead of the time-consuming efforts required around freight management and looking after the invoices, the purchase of the highest quality software will complete all tasks with a minimum of fuss and create profits.