How Small Businesses Can Effectively Market Despite Coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to batter the economic and social fabrics of society, small businesses are left wondering if recovery is possible at this point. Simply put, it is. Small businesses have survived worse crises in the past – from world wars to total economic collapse – and they can survive the current crisis if they approach recovery with the right mindset. Digital marketing can play a huge role.

Understand that digital marketing is not just for big business and corporations. It is appropriate to small businesses as well. According to Salt Lake City’s Webtek, how a small business approaches the digital marketing dynamic will play a huge role in how it manages recovery in the weeks and months ahead.

Below are a number of key concepts of effective marketing despite the damage done by coronavirus. The concepts apply to small businesses of all types, from local law offices to healthcare practices and retail enterprises.

Emphasize Local Outreach

Nothing is as important to small business as its local customer base. For example, consider a law firm with local headquarters and satellite offices in several other cities. During this time of recovery, people are looking to stay close to home. A competent digital marketing consultant for attorneys would understand as much and advise that the practice focus primarily on its local base for the time being.

Of course, this does not preclude separate marketing efforts for each of the satellite offices. Their marketing campaigns can target their local audiences as well. The point is to emphasize local over regional and national. Local customers are key to recovery.

Develop High Quality Backlinks

From an SEO perspective, digital marketing during recovery requires more emphasis on developing high quality backlinks through a variety of sources. The rule of having to appear within the first page or two of search engine results pages (SERPs) still applies. In fact, it might be more important than ever right now.

Small businesses can create high quality backlinks through a few simple marketing strategies. First and foremost, they start by auditing their own sites and fixing any broken links they find. That will make it easier for search engines to rank their sites higher.

Next, backlinks can be established by publishing guest post content, sharing content on social media, and so forth. The key here is to make sure all backlinks are placed on reputable sites. One site’s good reputation can only help another’s reputation when they are linked.

Adjust Both On- and Off-Site Content

Local outreach and backlinks both point to content. While we are stuck in recovery, it is imperative for digital marketers to adjust both on- and off-site content so that it is in line with the current environment. This post is a perfect example. It purposely discusses digital marketing and SEO during coronavirus recovery. It is completely relevant in every way.

Whether you are talking digital marketing for lawyers or improving SEO for retailer, content should be adjusted in line with what is happening now. And right now, it is all about recovery. Content should express how a company is approaching recovery or, when applicable, helping clients or customers recover.

Ramp-Up Email Marketing

There has been some debate within the digital marketing community over the last few years about whether or not email marketing is dead. A few outliers say it is, but the industry largely believes email marketing is still alive and well. This period of recovery is an ideal time for small businesses to ramp up their email marketing.

Consider the office manager in charge of the healthcare marketing strategy for a local family medicine practice. The office wants to stay in contact with patients even though said patients are being asked to not visit unless absolutely necessary. The practice does not want to turn patients off; they do want to keep them informed.

Email has returned to a place of prominence with most of us staying home most of the time. That office manager can use email marketing via newsletters, office updates, and strategic announcements. Email can also be utilized to remind patients how to stay safe. Providing such information gives patients assurance that the medical practice is watching out for them during what many consider a very troubling time.

Small businesses can get through the coronavirus crisis and be stronger on the other side. It is all about understanding the opportunities at hand and taking advantage of those opportunities by combining them with effective marketing.