Career Tips for 2022 School Leavers

Well, we’re sure living in a digital world as we get ready to welcome in 2022 and if you are in your final year of school, your thoughts will be turning to a career. It can seem a little daunting to take the next step, even with your parents there to support you and we thought we’d give you a few tips to help you find the right niche in your professional life.

  • Follow your heart – We are talking about 45 years; the average time for a person to be in gainful employment, so you want a job that you really enjoy. Forget about money for now, that will come as you gain experience, we all struggle at first and you should have a pretty good idea where your interest lies.
  • Aim High – Aim for the stars and you’ll go further than if you hadn’t raised that bar that high; there are thousands of success stories where poor kids rose to prominence in their chosen field. If you would love the fly commercial jets but don’t think you’re up to it, spend all your time playing with flight simulators and learn about the basics; talk to your careers officer and find out what subjects are crucial for aviation and double down on those. All the major universities have courses suitable for would-be pilots and as soon as you can, start flying lessons. Life is to be lived and it’s not about existence or surviving, but rather fulfilling your maximum potential and enjoying the experience.
  • IT Opportunities – This is the start of a new era in civilization; The Internet of Things and 5G are about to be launched and if you like to write code, think about embarking in a career in machine learning, which is a booming sector. Digital marketing will be around forever and learning all about SEO would certainly provide a challenge; a great education at a Basis International School will set you up for IT, as they have fantastic facilities and IT is an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Work Now – Play Later – The next 5 years will see you through university and into a career, and with hard work at uni, you should be able to pick and choose employers. There will be time in your life for other things; see this as the springboard and the higher you jump, the better start you will have.

This is a time for organization and making plans and if you apply yourself to the tasks at hand, you should choose the right career and enjoy a long and successful life.