About accidents involving Uber and Lyft in Colorado Springs

Uber and Lyft are reliable cab services, but not all rides go as smoothly as others. Suppose you get involved in an auto accident with a cab driver from Uber or Lyft. In that case, you are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation for your losses and injuries. Colorado is a fault state, and unfortunately, accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers are relatively common in Colorado Springs. So, what happens when you are injured in such an accident? Should the rideshare driver pay the compensation? Or should Uber or Lyft (as applicable) be held responsible for your losses? Your best bet is to talk to a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney, who can evaluate circumstances surrounding your case. Here are some essential facts worth knowing. 

Being hit by a rideshare driver

If your vehicle was hit by an Uber or Lyft driver, you should know that the case is no different than other car accidents. The truth is these drivers are always in a rush. They are constantly chasing destinations, passengers, and deadlines, and they often are negligent, which can lead to serious accidents. 

If the rideshare driver was not logged in (was not on company time), you can file an insurance claim with the driver’s insurer. In Colorado, all drivers are required to carry liability insurance. If their insurance doesn’t cover for your losses, your lawyer can help you figure out how your insurance can pay for that, if at all. 

If the rideshare driver was on company time and waiting for a passenger, the company – Uber or Lyft – will cover for some of the damages, if not all. Uber has liability insurance, while Lyft has “contingent” liability coverage. If the driver was picking up a passenger or someone was in the cab, the company’s liability insurance will pay for your losses. 

Being injured as a passenger

What happens when you were a passenger, and the cab was involved in an accident? In such cases, Uber or Lyft’s insurance will cover your damages and losses, in case the cab driver was responsible for causing the accident. If another driver was responsible for the accident, you can hold the driver accountable and file a claim with their insurer. 

All of the above may seem overwhelming, which is precisely why you need to hire a personal injury attorney. A good lawyer will guide on your rights and what you can realistically expect from the claim.