What Are Some of The Best Ways to Design an Attractive School Website?

Developing a great website requires a lot of brainstorming and research. Some of the important areas that you need to look at are clarity, freshness and appropriateness of content, usability, graphic design, functionality, and depth of information.

If your goal is to build a compelling school website, then we are going to tell you some of the key elements that will help you accomplish your goal.

A ‘Useful’ homepage

A good homepage makes your school website look appealing and great. By designing a beneficial school homepage, ensures that your site visitors get a good idea of the overall website.

  • Make the design simple and easy to comprehend.
  • Quick links -Provide quick links on your school website. These links provide requested content to the users while cutting through all the clutter. A slider and quick links give a cleaner look to your website and make it time efficient and appealing too.
  • Keep and update events calendar and news web pages – The “school calendar” is very important for any school website. It forms the basis for entire communication done in the school. Ensure that it is current and prominent.
  • Add rotating images in your school website – These types of images are seen as a nice visual means to keep your parents updated on all essential school events. With the help of CMS, you can easily change the images on a website. Website builders software is a good way to construct a website for those who do not have any knowledge about programming.

Responsive design

Responsive design is a website that is designed to be mobile friendly and can be accessed on a wide range of mobile devices. Such websites automatically reformat and resize your webpages so as to prevent time-consuming dragging and zooming that acts as a hindrance to viewers.

Fulfill website accessibility requirements

It is important for your school website to follow the “WCAG 2.0 AA” standard. In other words, your school website has to be ADA compliant.

Well-organized website navigation

Intuitive and organized navigation is regarded as well-designed navigation. It is fundamental to the usability of a school website design.

Streamline popular webpages

Consider popular web pages present on your website. You can easily determine pages via a quick review of analytics with the help of Google analytics. Some of the top pages in a school website are as follows:

  • Calendar
  • School pages
  • Contact directory
  • Teacher pages


So, these are some of the top design features that you must consider to make your school website design effective.