The World’s Most Advanced Horse Walker Company

For over 50 years, Prefert has led and revolutionized the livestock and equine industries by introducing safe, sustainable, and innovative for animals and parasites. Our products are used by the world’s top equine and animal husbandry professionals. Priefert proudly offers you the most advanced line of conditioning horse walkers on the market today in the same tradition of excellence. The brains behind the Priefert 6 Horse Walker engineering and construction have spent years testing and perfecting our unique designs in our manufacturing facility and on Priefert Ranch. The Priefert family individually tests and uses each product they make before sharing it with their friends worldwide.

Safe Operation Guidelines

  • Use caution in introducing houses to the walker until the horse is familiar with its operation.
  • Do not let children ride or play in its parts.
  • Please do not allow children to operate its components.
  • During the operation, do not sit on the panels, do not stand or climb.
  • Do not stick hands or feet through the panels when it is moving.
  • Do not touch the hanging panels when the power is on; The panel is electrified.
  • Ensure all guests or inspectors are clear of panels, doors, and moving components before the operation.
  • Make sure both interior and exterior doors are closed before operating.
  • Never drive with the door open.
  • Ensure the walker and the power are completely off before opening the door or entering the walker.
  • Be careful not to get caught between the panels whenever the horse is working.
  • Be careful not to get caught between the horses and the panels.
  • Ensure that horses presented for walking are only operated by people familiar with equine behavior.
  • Proper wear and tear can prevent injuries.

Type of Horse Walker

Everyone knows that a well-conditioned horse performs well, behaves well, and is less prone to injury. However, keeping a small group of horses well is a full-time job. With today’s busy schedule, it’s hard to give someone time to give your horses daily exercise, and hiring someone to do so is expensive and risky. Not to mention that finding someone to exercise without teaching your horses bad habits can be a challenge in itself. That is why a good horse rider is the safest, most affordable, and practical solution. There are different types of horse walkers, and here are some of them.

Panel Walker

They are found in 4, 6, or 8 horse configurations; there is no other horse rider in the market that is as advanced as this. Unlike traditional walker cars, the Preferred Panel Walker eliminates the need to tie your horses to the walker so that they can move more freely and naturally. Panel walkers “push” the horse instead of “pulling” it. Horses that are not in the car are immediately trained to use the walker.

Lead Walker

From the innovative safety features of lead walkers to the gearboxes of virtual maintenance-free planets, no other lead walker on the market will be able to offer you the quality and value you get with preference. Priefert Lead Walker is perfect for warming, cooling, or rehabilitating horses. Priefert’s 6 horse walkers record the standard for features, ease of use, and durability. Your horse is ready to be conditioned by Huller’s snap and button press.