Some Of The Different Adverts You Can Employ Using Facebook

When you are running a business, you will want to use as many different forms of advertising as you can. Many companies have ongoing SEO strategies, and often PPC, and Social Medica such as Facebook is also an excellent place to target potential customers. Facebook has many different types of ads that can show you an excellent return on investment, and there is a lot of analytics data you can gather that can help you refine your ads. Below are some of the different types of ads you can consider using when advertising on Facebook that may help to give your online marketing a boost and generate more sales.

Image Ads

Image ads are an excellent way to showcase products and advertise your brand. You can use high-quality images that are eye-catching and grab the user’s attention and have a short amount of text with a call to action. You can use these ads to promote your products or services, increase awareness of your brand, and to convey a simple message.

Video Ads

Video ads are the most popular form of Facebook advertising, and you can use video to show off your services or products and your brand in a unique way. Video is an excellent medium to deliver a message to the viewers, and the best videos will capture and hold the viewer’s attention quickly. The videos need to be of reasonable quality, but you do not have to spend too much money on the development, and often the simpler videos do best.

Carousel Ads

The carousel ads will highlight a couple or more image or video ads, and each of them will have a unique headline, description, call to action, and a link. Using these ads allows you to highlight multiple products with links to various pages, and you can also use it to highlight numerous features of a product or service. When you use these ads, they will appear not only on Facebook but on Instagram, Messenger, and throughout the network.

Instant Experience Ads

Instant experience ads are not for use with all devices, and they primarily work best with mobile devices. Once the user clicks on your ad, it opens in full screen and is an excellent way to tell your brand’s story and showcase the products or services you provide. You can also hold the user’s attention by linking two or more of your instant experience ads together.

Collection Ads

You may also want to consider using collection ads on Facebook, which is also best for display on mobile devices and can help people discover your products by linking video and images together. It is an excellent way to showcase your product catalogue and offer browsers a seamless browsing experience. You can also use this advertising method to prompt multiple purchases of different items for the same users and can provide an excellent return on investment.

Facebook and their partner websites are an excellent medium for online advertising. However, it can be complicated to set up and run a campaign, so you may want the help of a reputable agency to assist you. To find out more information about the different types of Facebook ads available, please click here.