Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Restoring

As a business owner, it is highly likely that your main priority is ensuring profit margins are as high as possible. Doing that means ensuring that the business is running smoothly. Effectively managing employees and providing a safe and secure place for them to work all help to maximize profits.

It goes without saying that the building from which you run your business and where your employees work needs to be kept in good order. Nevertheless, one part of the building that many business owners fail to keep in good repair is the roof. But know that a leaky roof can cause huge problems to your business. As 1st Choice Commercial Roofing, Houston commercial roofing contractors explained, not keeping the roof in good condition could mean the rest of your building suffers. Problems such as holes, missing tiles, and weather damage could result in pest or mold issues, both of which could end up costing you a small fortune to rectify.

The experts at 1st Choice say that there are a number of signs to look out for that could indicate a roof needs immediate restoration. These include, but are not limited to:

Stains on the Walls or Ceilings

You might have noticed your ceiling panels are stained a brownish color. This can happen on the walls too and could be a sign the roof is leaking. The discolored stains indicate that rainwater is collecting dirt and dust from the roof and is being absorbed by the internal ceiling panels.

The Smell of Mold

When water is leaking into the building through holes in the roof, it can lie unnoticed for quite some time. When this water starts seeping into things like insulation and ceiling panels, mold and mildew can grow quite quickly, particularly if the space is dark and there is a lack of circulation. If you notice a musty smell, it probably means that mold or mildew is proliferating in the roof space.

Peeling or Cracked Paint

Peeling wall or ceiling paint is commonly caused by water leaks. If water is dripping from the roof into your building, it can cause bloating of hard materials such as concrete or wood, which in turn can cause paint to bubble and peel.

Sagging Ceiling Panels

You might not notice stains on your ceiling panels, but you could see sagging. Some ceiling panels are made from synthetic materials that will not discolor, but if moisture builds up in them then these panels can become heavy and start to sag.

Why You Need to Act Immediately

It is vital to search out a company that can take care of commercial roof repair as soon as you notice any of these signs, particularly sagging panels. If the panels are sagging with the weight of moisture from the roof, there may even be a danger of them falling down. Note also that much of the internal wiring will be running above the ceiling panels, so the last thing you need is for the electrics to be damaged.

How Do Commercial Roofs Become Damaged?

Roofs become naturally damaged over time due to wear and tear. But they can also get damaged by falling branches and other debris in adverse weather conditions. If your building is near to high trees, you are more likely to suffer damage to the roof. You might even find that critters are the cause of damage to your roof.

In most circumstances, the roof on a building will last for around twenty to thirty years, but this lifespan could be shorter or longer depending on where the building is, and the type of materials used in its construction. 1st Choice recommends regular maintenance inspections and immediate restoration if damage has occurred.