Adding A Deck To Your Home

Australians love to be outdoors, so why not consider adding a deck to your home? Decks are a pleasant extension to your living space that everyone will enjoy. Enjoy some sun lounging on your deck chair, and spend rainy days under a covered area where you can enjoy the fresh air and watch those old rain drops fall while you stay high and dry.

The Material – Decks have been traditionally constructed from wood, but these days you can save a tree by using long lasting, environmentally sound products like HDPE sheets. High Density Polyethylene is one the most environmentally stable plastics available, it’s highly resistant to moisture, impact, and weathering, making it ideal for your deck area.

The Location – Decks are a very versatile space, but you should carefully consider what you intend to use it for the most in regards to where it should be placed. If you love to barbecue and plan to dine out on your picnic table frequently, then you are going to want easy access from your kitchen. If you desire a quiet, outdoor hideaway, then maybe it should be near your bedroom and include some latticework walls or an arbor to give you some privacy. Or, if it’s meant to be a space for the kids to go run off some excess energy, place it near their playroom so they have easy access.

The Features – There are a great many activities that can be enjoyed out on the deck-

  • Cafe Table – How about lunch and a game of cards on a cafe table under a festive parasol?
  • The Grill – Light that fire and cook up a deliciously smoky barbecue, it’s always a winner!
  • A Fireplace – Speaking of fire, standalone fireplaces come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any outdoor area, just make sure its placed on fire-safe brick and not near any overhanging flammable tree branches! There’s nothing more cheerful than the friendly flicker of firelight in the cool of evening.
  • Ping Pong Table – If you have the room and love a good game, ping pong is the perfect addition to your deck’s activity list! When it’s not in play, just throw a festive plastic picnic cloth over it and use it as extra table space for parties.
  • Lighting – Having the right outdoor lighting can extend the use of your deck far into the night. Use ambient lighting for quiet chats on the settee, and brighter task lighting for cooking or reading a good book under the stars. It’s also important to light the entrance properly so you can find your way back inside when the hour grows late.
  • The Furniture – This one is easy- chairs, tables, whatever you need to relax and feel at home in the great outdoors- just be sure they are rated for outdoor use!

Your new deck is bound to be so much fun you might never go inside again!