5 Reasons For You To Specify Tungsten Carbide Coating In Your Project

The tungsten carbide coating is a material that has been widely used in several segments of the industry to solve problems of wear due to abrasion and erosion. It is applied through thermal spraying and can greatly benefit the company’s product.

Many product engineering professionals do not specify tungsten carbide in their products due to unfamiliarity with the material and even because they are unaware of some benefits that can be very attractive for the six products.

To improve understanding, tungco.com list 5 great reasons for every product engineer to specify tungsten carbide in elements that wear out due to abrasion, erosion, and even corrosion:

1 – Durability: Your equipment will last longer for the customer, which can become a major competitive advantage for your company.

2 – Performance: Parts with greater durability provide better equipment performance for longer. The level of defective products drops dramatically.

3 – Flexibility: The tungsten carbide coating method (thermal spray application) with Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powder for example allows the application to be carried out on various part geometries, including heat-treated ones. It is also possible to carry out the application on any metallic base, ferrous or not. This means it is possible to design a light part (of aluminum, for example) with extremely high resistance to wear due to abrasion.

4 – Cost / Benefit: Parts coated with tungsten carbide can have MTBF 1000% higher than other technologies, drastically improving the cost-benefit ratio.

5 – Dimensional: Tungsten carbide provides extremely high resistance to different wear mechanisms, making it possible to design lighter parts due to less need for wear mass, making the equipment lighter and cheaper. In addition, the thickness of the coating is thin, which makes the tungsten carbide imperceptible on the part’s surface.

What Are The Differences Between Gold Ring And Tungsten Ring?

Gold and silver are commonly used to bring couples together due to the tradition of using these metals, but they finally found one that can compete with them.

Gold, even if beautiful and showy, becomes opaque and scratches easily due to its low degree of hardness. You may have also noticed that some low-quality gold rings lose their circular shape because they dent over time. The same happens with silver, but this would never happen with tungsten, which has a high degree of hardness.

Tungsten carbide also has several other characteristics that may be interesting for your project.

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