5 Hot Design Tips for Promotional Stickers

The successful retailer has many powerful tools to get his message across to the consumer, and stickers are an integral part of any branding campaign. Such as the importance of sticker design, some professional input is advised, and this is not something you can afford to get wrong, and with that in mind, here are a few hot tips from the gurus of sticker design.

  1. Colours – Stick with your company colours as much as possible – stickers are best used to reinforce what is already there, and keeping in line with your website colours is always a safe bet. Obviously, you want contrasting colours, as they stand out more, and by consulting with a designer, you will have a professional opinion.
  1. Simplify the Message – Good sticker design (ออกแบบ สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thai) means keeping it simple, as no one will bother to read a lot of information. If you have a company slogan, such as, ‘We’re always there for you’, ‘Give us a Call Now’, or ‘The very best of the best’, it should be included on the sticker. Simple and catchy is perhaps the best way to describe a successful promo sticker, and with the help of a professional sticker producer, you can rely on great design.
  1. Backing Selection – Don’t make the mistake of going for a high-level adhesive stick, which cannot be removed easily, as this will limit where they are displayed. People don’t like car stickers that are tough to remove, so make sure that the sticker can be used on any medium and is easy to remove. If you are of the opinion that car stickers that can’t be removed are a good idea, the car owner won’t forget who gave him the sticker that he can’t remove!
  1. Avoid Large Stickers – The bigger the sticker, the less likely someone is going to put it anywhere, and around the size of a tennis ball is a good choice, which doesn’t mean it has to be round, but that’s about the biggest you should go. Of course, we are talking about promotional stickers that would be handed out to the public when we advocate keeping to a small design, as large stickers can be used in-store very effectively.
  1. Create a Few Mock-Ups – In order to really see the impact, you need to create a few detailed images, and with a sticker designer that uses PC software that gives a clear image of the finished product, you can experiment to your heart’s desire. It wouldn’t be unusual for a client to look at half a dozen sticker designs, before finally narrowing the choice done to one, and any good designer would present you with alternatives that all project your message.

Enlisting the help of a professional sticker design and print firm will ensure that the finished stickers create the right impact, and these promotional give-aways will be a very effective way to boost your branding.

An online search is all it takes to source a local sticker print company, and take the first steps to getting your message across in the best possible way.